About Linda...

OK, I admit it.
I'm an exercise junkie, beginning with ballet as a young child, I've always had a need and determination to stay active.

Pilates, however, appeared intimidating and it wasn't until I won my first Pilates lesson at a dog rescue fundraiser that I had the motivation I needed to actually experience Pilates for myself. That was five years ago and I've never looked back.

By the time my husband and I moved to the Patagonia Mountains in 2007, I knew I wanted to share my passion and begin teaching Pilates.

I earned my certification in the STOTT PILATES® Method and in January 2009, Pilates Patagonia was born.

I've come to understand that Pilates is so much more than simply exercise.

Soon after you begin practicing it you'll have that "ah-ha" moment and the light bulb will go off - you become aware of yourself in a totally new way. Soon, you're truly in touch with how you breathe, move, think and feel. You connect within and focus, and it changes your life. Open your mind-heart-body and come enjoy Pilates with me!

295 McKeown Avenue * Patagonia

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